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Sciatica - a term often misused - is characterized by pain, weakness, numbness or tingling in the thigh, lower leg or foot and is a result of compression of all or part of the sciatic nerve which originates in the low back. The sciatic nerve is the largest nerve in the body and extends from the low back down both legs into the feet. Symptoms can sometimes be felt along the entire path of the nerve, but often present only along certain spots along its path (depending on where the nerve is being compressed). For example, it is not uncommon to experience an irritating ache in the back of the thigh or the outside edge of a calf only. One would think the pain or other symptoms would be along the entire course of the nerve, but our nerve system does not always convey signals in this fashion. The key to successfully eliminating the sciatica is to remove the pressure that is being placed on the nerve. Depending on the location of the impingement, what is causing the nerve pressure as well as severity of this compression will all be factors which will have a bearing on a doctors decision about how to remedy the problem.

Although there a number of factors to consider, my primary tool for addressing sciatica include hands on spinal adjustments which provide a number of benefits to the affected area including the restoration of mechanical mobility in a particular joint, increase in fluid transfer in and around the joint, potential endorphine release and ultimately the elimination of nerve compression. Other components of treatment provided are various forms of therapy which may include gentle massage, neuromuscular therapy, deep tissue massage, trigger point therapy, passive stretching techniques as well other treatment modalities.

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